Your website isn’t just your brand’s digital shop front; it’s often the first handshake with potential clients. Ensuring it embodies your brand accurately is non-negotiable.

1. Elect a main point of contact
Start by electing, nominating, assigning a key stakeholder for your web development project. This person is the main point of contact for all things website-related.  This linchpin, while not necessarily the top brass, will be the orchestrator of your site’s development and its ongoing evolution. Remember the saying about too many cooks? Equip this person with clear goals and the freedom to lead. No pressure… 👀

2. Pin Down the Purpose
With your project manager in place, crystallise your website’s mission. Is it about increasing your sales funnel for leads, a recruitment beacon, or a brand amplifier? Setting a clear direction is like laying a map for success – start with the destination in sight and chart the course backward.

3. Embrace Your Brand’s Soul
What’s the heartbeat of your brand? Understanding the core of what you represent – whether you’re a fresh-faced startup or a veteran in the field – is key. If you’re toying with a rebrand, pause; it’s better to settle your brand’s identity beforehand.

4. Deep Dive into Your Brand’s Identity
With a grasp on your brand’s essence, delve deeper. Your core values are the pillars that will guide the visual and thematic narrative of your site. These pillars should also be clearly communicated to everyone in the organisation. A savvy designer will use these to weave a site that’s not just a reflection but an extension of your brand.

5. Highlight the Non-negotiables
Every brand has its must-haves, from indispensable colours to key images or slogans. Identifying these upfront ensures your website faithfully narrates your brand’s story without clutter or confusion.

6. Empathy With Your Audience
Your site should speak directly to the needs and expectations of your audience. Understanding their profile inside out enables you to tailor a site that not only engages but resonates deeply, prompting them to act. At Readysalted, we always undertake workshops to unpick this information and recommend our clients speak to their customer base to extract their opinion.

7. Unleash Your Creativity
View the birth of your website as an opportunity to rejuvenate your brand’s digital persona. Collaborate, conceptualise, and dare to dream with your team and digital partners. It’s the perfect moment to add a splash of newness to your brand’s palette or storytelling approach. Don’t forget to test your prototype for feedback with your customers before you develop anything.

8. Clarity is Key
As your website comes to life, scrutinise every element to ensure alignment with your brand’s core message. Whether you’re aiming to project cutting-edge innovation or unrivalled customer service, every pixel should reinforce this narrative, making it effortless for visitors to grasp who you are and what you stand for.