In an exciting venture beyond our usual studio environment, Readysalted recently had the privilege of engaging with the bright minds at Newcastle University Business School. Our mission? To demystify the world of ‘design thinking’ for a diverse group of students, spanning from marketing aficionados to product design wizards.

Design thinking isn’t just a buzzword in our line of work, it’s a cornerstone of how we approach projects, ensuring that we’re not just creating for the sake of aesthetics, but crafting with purpose, usability, and innovation in mind. Being able to share this approach, discussing its intricacies and its impact, with students poised to shape the future of our industry was not just an honor, but a reminder of the vibrant, curious energy that drives us all in digital creation.

The lecture provided a fantastic forum not only to introduce these budding professionals to design thinking, but to engage in a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. It’s this kind of dialogue – across disciplines, experience levels, and viewpoints, that keeps the flame of creativity and innovation alive in our field.

We’re already looking forward to our next opportunity to connect with the innovators of tomorrow 🙂