Readysalted is the digital agency that is more than lightly salted. For the last 20 years, we have curated new and fresh digital experiences for our client’s users, trusted by household names nationally and internationally to evolve and enhance user experience with a personable, honest, and bespoke service for every client.

We have worked with an external consultancy for the first time on branding and messaging. Yes, being independent sounds cool, but we see the beauty in collaboration, because at the end of the day, one grain of sand doesn’t make a beach. But – we aren’t talking sand, we are talking – salt.


We thought it was about time to upgrade our branding to match the digital flavour our work gives clients, inventive and bold, a punchy packet bursting at the seams with creativity and innovation. Our original branding stayed true to that OG crisp packet we all know, a prominent and straightforward red. Our consultants have brought in the brand new blue colour to stay true to that ethos – evocative of the salt sachets that you used to find in salted crisps, and the reason for the new square at the end of our logo. Call us old… we say, nostalgic.

We are an established UX and development digital agency, and our new font replicates this. Simple. Safe. Effective. UX stands for User Experience, meaning we encompass all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with our client’s company, its services, and its products.

How are we more flavoursome than the rest? Although we still have that perfect pinch of nerdiness, we have modernised our processes in the way we consult UX principles, taking the time to understand a client’s needs and how their specific users will navigate our websites and applications. Whatever your digital problems, we take away the hustle and rustle and leave you time to focus on the rest. Your success is our success.

There are no snack-cidents, only great value, an extensive understanding of our sector, and a create vision you can trust.

Readysalted – Developing engaging digital experiences around you and your audience.